Since having ‘the chat’ with my man, he acted very blase about our relationship wanting to ‘see how things go’ rather than labelling our relationship. Fair enough, I suppose. But it has been three months.

Is it insecure or needy of me to want more open affection? Aren’t all of us girls the same?

Don’t get me wrong, I hate needy men. Or men that are too affectionate so you want to puke in your mouth. But when you really like someone, and they’ve played it so cool for so long… well then I suppose I am a little needy.

I would often try and fish for compliments with my man. I just wanted to hear him say anything nice! And the response would always be the same:

“I look good, don’t I?”

“Self praise is no praise at all”


So after arriving back in London from seeing my man, I decided to organise my laptop desktop, and I found a Word Document entitled “Too Miss J” (that’s me). I opened it and found the following note:

“I’m lying here in bed without you and its not as good as having you falling asleep on my chest.

Just to let you know I am fond of you Miss J, and think about you more than you know, and when you see me looking at you quizzically don’t get nervous. I’m actually admiring you.

I hope you randomly find this one-day and it puts a smile on your face.

Thinking about you (naked)”

 AWWW. Ok so it may not be as romantic as a letter, but I suppose this is the 21st century; the digital age! And what is so nice about it is that he doesn’t give compliments ever, and he wrote this whilst I was away, and managed to keep it a secret.

I am smiling, BUT part of me finds the sentiment a little cringeworthy. I really am a fickle female. Looks like some people can never win! But I am so happy. After all these months
, things are finally starting to settle down with my man. Who said holiday romances didn’t last?